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(HOW-TO) Set-up a Site With Multiple Operators

To setup mutiple operators on your website, head to the Feature on Demand section and select Operator Seats:

Operator Seat Manager

Once the Operator Seat Manager is loaded, the Operator Seat Management should automatically show. You should see yourself (since you are the administrator) already on the list. To add more operators, click on Create New Operator on the left side of the menu. Once you click on it, a pop-up wizard will appear:

Operator Seat Manager

Once the pop-up appears, you will be asked for information such as:

  • Operator Display Name - The display name which will be shown on ChatStat as well as the operator drop down box.
  • Operator Login Email - The email the operator will be using to login into his/her account.
  • Operator Login Password - The password the operator will be using with the login email to login his/her account.

After you have inserted the information asked for, click NEXT to continue onto the next step. Select to which website(s) the operator will be assigned.

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